Northwinds Chapter of Wisconsin Deerhunters Inc.

Northwinds Deerhunters has donated $25,755 to local education, wildlife support, benefits and to support disabled hunting.  We accept request for donations at the annual meeting each year.  If you would like to request a donation, please attend the annual meeting February 18, 2012 at Hoppers Bar.  If you would like more information, please contact us.

 Lift Blinds for Disabled Hunters                     $


 Adaptive Sportsman, Inc.    


 Plot Master available to Members    


 Bear Creek Hunters Safety    


 Beyersdorf - Fire Benefit                



 Clintonville Fire Dept     


 Clintonville Hunters Education    


 Disabled Hunt    


 Jake Dudzik Benefit    


 Larrabee Hunters Safety    


 Larry Drake Benefit    


 Marion Pond Association    


 Trappers Education    


 Pella Fish Restocking    


 Rice lake Hunting Survivors Fund    


 SCMS (for Trees for Tomorrow)    



 SOS K-9 Unit



 Sittin Ducks Trap League    


 United Foundation for Disabled Archers    


 Voiture 986 (flags for first graders)    


 WI Foundation for Disabled Hunters    


 WI Trappers Association    


 Youth Leadership (Desiree Tischauser)    


 Youth Trap Shoot    








We give out scholarships to college students in a related field.
 Application deadline is December 31st.

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